To run an efficient election campaign Partido Trabalhista needs a considerable amount of money to ensure success at the polls in 2012
A large percentage of these funds come from voluntary contributions from Party members and our Supporters .
We believe in transparency and a copy of our budget estimates for the 2012 election is listed below.

At the moment many of our supporters and workers volunteer their time and effort but Partido Trabalhista also has policy of a “fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work” and wants to reward these dedicated people.

Any contribution you wish to make to support the Party, no matter how small, will be publically acknowledged ( only with your permission ) and gratefully accepted.

Please click the “Donate” button below to make a donation via Paypal, or simply transfer your donation to this account:

St George Bank – Australia
Name: Maria Angela Freitas da Silva
BSB: 112879 Account: 155891127
International swift code: SGBLAU2S

Your financial support will not be forgotten.

Angela Freitas – President Partido Trabalhista


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